EVRASIA BUNKER ASIA PTE. LTD supply through the network of contractual associates wide range of quality marine fuels at the port of Novorossiysk, Kozmino, Primorsk, Nakhodka. The company was originally organized as a physical supplier in the Novorossiysk later we added to our trading activities bunkering in port Kozmino, Primorsk, Nakhodka, where we offer competitive prices. Through a committed and dedicated service, EVRASIA BUNKER ASIA PTE. LTD commands a leading place in the bunker supply business.

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From the Limassol headquarters, EVRASIA BUNKER ASIA PTE. LTD. professional staff ensures a competitive and quality service to its numerous customers. It constantly reviews the international market and offers bunkers at very competitive prices. The bunkering fleet at its disposal enables the servicing of all requirements of fuel oil and gas oil in the ports of Novorossiysk, Kozmino, Primorsk, Nakhodka. EVRASIA BUNKER ASIA PTE. LTD can supply vessels with MGO, DMA (max 0.1 pct sulfur) and IFO 80 - 380 cst both during vessel cargo operations and on-road at only 24-hours notice. Tankers can even be supplied ex-pipe line at ports of Novorossiysk, Primorsk. This way of delivery saves time to the vessels and makes the whole operation very efficient for the customers of EVRASIA BUNKER ASIA PTE. LTD.

Many ship owners and managers who have once worked with us have realized that EVRASIA BUNKER ASIA PTE. LTD. is a valuable and reliable partner. Information about our company can be find in the "Bunker News directory", on pages of "Bunker Suppliers" supplement to "Lloyd's ship manager".

Owing to long term working activity, we have gained the good business relationships with other maritime companies, stevedoring companies, port and city authorities, state controlling depatments at the ports of Novorossiysk. It enables us to optimize the quality and time of our service for our clients, worthly and efficiently protect their interests.

Providing out clients with services we guarantee, that they will not find the other same offer of such acceptable price and high executing quality of services to their vessels and cargoes, passing via the above ports.


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